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About Me


"I am a professional chef and culinary ambassador passionate about building enthusiasm and forging relationships through culinary activities and events. Born in Japan and having lived in Tokyo until the age of 13, my Japanese upbringing profoundly influences my approach to food.
As a culinary ambassador, I have had the privilege of working extensively across Australia's key food export markets on behalf of government and industry bodies. Through my work in China, North Asia, South East Asia, and the Middle East, I have gained invaluable insights into diverse culinary traditions and witnessed how food shapes cultures and creates delicious dishes.
My career has allowed me to discover how people interact with food, fostering a deep appreciation for cultural diversity and gastronomic experiences. I thrive on creating unique culinary events that celebrate the intersection of food, culture, and human connection.
With a focus on authenticity and innovation, I am dedicated to delivering exceptional culinary experiences that captivate and delight. I take pride in utilizing my cultural background and extensive expertise to craft memorable moments and foster meaningful connections through the power of food.
I look forward to continuing my culinary journey, exploring new culinary landscapes, and sharing the joy of food with others."

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