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My Tim Hollands catering story 

I established Tim Hollands Catering/Tims Foods in 1999, with several commercial kitchens around Melbourne. 

I consult with private organisations, public companies and government departments to develop and manage culinary events. 

In my new venture, McCulloch Avenue Kitchen, I focus on bespoke menus and events tailored to each client's unique needs. My goal in this contemporary kitchen is to partner with our clients to deliver customised events. 

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Catering private dining and Corporate events

At the McCulloch Avenue Kitchen, we understand that catering needs are unique to you. With our years of experience, we look forward to creating a memorable and tailored event.

We specialize in all events, from corporate meetings to family occasions. You can trust we will design a menu that will make your event a success. 

Please contact Chef Tim if you would like to hold an event in our unique in-house private dining space, where our dedicated team will host you.

Contact us today to get started!

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